Master Guard Asphalt Paving System 
Master Guard Asphalt System:
  • Protect Your Pavement
      More than just a simple recoat, we thoroughly prepare your aging asphalt surface by removing surface debris, gravel and dirt, fill any cracks and minor holes, then apply state of the art resurfacing compounds directly to the entire paving surface. We even specially treat oil spill areas, which would otherwise cause surface problems.
  • 0 % Coal Tar - 100% Different!
      Coal tar sealants offer poor flexibility, becoming brittle with age, have offensive fumes, contain carcinogens and pollute. When applied to asphalt surfaces, there can be excessive settlement, and these products only offer a surface life of one year.

      Polymers offer excellent flexibility, are non toxic, odor free and non polluting. They offer excellent coverage, with minimal settlement, and offer an extended service life of 2 to 4 years.

      Once applied, our sealant offers new features you will appreciate. It actually prevents water from penetrating cracks, protects against vehicle fluid leaks, and offers a long lasting jet-black color, with a clean edge for a sharp, impressive appearance.

  • Smart Solution - Saves You Money and Time
      Because you don't have to recoat every year, Master Guard Asphalt Sealant System saves you money, and cuts down on inconveniences associated with the job. Often, first impressions are made when your visitors enter your property, and your home or business driveway and parking area is the first thing they encounter. Pave the way to successful resurfacing with this very different, very impressive system.