Ply Systems
    Finished elasomeric ply system - ideal for roofs with many vents and protrustions
    Our ply system uses a continuous, seamless, elasomeric membrane with a flexible reinforcing fabric mesh, embedded in 3 layers of tough, durable, coatings consisting of a base coat, 2nd base coat, and finished with a reflective white polymer top coat. This system waterproofs and renews the roof, helps save on energy costs, and is extremely strong, adding extra strength to otherwise thin or weakened roof structures. This system also adds very little weight to existing roofs as compared to many other roofing systems.

Features: "Your best defense against rust"
  1. Durable - long lasting protection for your roof
  2. Saves Money -  on energy bills by lowering cooling costs
  3. Flexibility - actually expands and contracts with the roof - nearly 300% stretch capability
  4. Seamless - completely protects existing roof, regardless of composition
  5. UL Listed - class A fire resistance rating

The Ply Roofing System is Ideal for Use on:
  • Flat roofs - rubber, gravel coated, tarred, metal decking
  • Commercial buildings, warehouses, shopping centers, schools, etc.

Ply and foam board system - insulates and replaces existing roof
6-Step System Includes:
  1. All surfaces are pressure washed and chemically cleaned
  2. Integrity of roof is inspected and repaired as needed:
    • Bad, deteriorated sections of roof surface repaired or replaced
    • Roof is resurfaced with tough HiCrown Hypalon rubber under all air conditioning, heating/cooling units
    • All vents and stacks are flashed and sealed
    • Roofing system is extended in one continuos system up any Perafit walls
    • Roof drainage system is inspected and optimized for maximum flow off efficiency
  3. Base coat is applied directly to existing prepared roof surfaces
  4. Reinforcing spun fabric meshing is applied to freshly applied bas coat
  5. Second base coat is applied, sealing fabric between layers of coatings
  6. Top-coat is applied to provide bright white, reflective, dirt resistant finish to surface