Foam System with Coatings
    Sprayed foam on metal roof - seamless and watertightOur foam system uses a continuos, seamless expanding foam spray over the entire roof surface, and is then coated with a tough, durable, reflective white polymer top coat. This system adds considerable insulation to the roof, saving on energy costs, and is extremely strong, adding extra strength to otherwise thin or weakened roof structures. This system also adds very little weight to existing roofs as compared to some other roofing systems.

    Foam has many advantages over every other type of flat roof system. No matter if your roof is 100 square feet or over 100,000 square feet, your roof will not have a single seam to leak on you in the future. Since foam goes on as a liquid and then rises, the adhesion to the surface is exceptional.

    Foam can be applied to just about any surface, including vertical surfaces and walls. Foam with coatings only weighs about 8 ounces per square foot. Increases the strength of the existing roof . Even if the outer surface is damaged, water will not migrate through the foam since it is "closed cell foam". 

    Foam can be sprayed in ponded areas to build them up level with the original roof surface prior to application of the foam to the entire roof. Over time, your building will continue to settle, the roof expands and contracts as it warms and cools in the sun. Foam moves with the building, and the coatings can stretch over 300 %.

    There is no tear off, and the foam and coatings are simply sprayed on - very little labor costs to you. Our super reflective white roofs can save you a substantial amount of money on your utility bills. Sprayed foam has the highest R-value of any roof insulating material at 7.14 per inch. Thus our roofs work for you by paying for themselves. Conklin's premiere roof system has all the credentials:  Energy Star, Factory Mutual (FM 4470), UL 790 Class A, ICBO, Dade County FL.

Features: "Waterproofs and insulates, for substantial energy savings"
  1. Foam Saves Money -  on energy bills by lowering heating and cooling costs
  2. Coatings - provide durable long lasting protection for your roof
  3. Flexibility - actually expands and contracts with the roof - nearly 300% stretch capability
  4. Seamless - completely protects existing roof, regardless of composition
  5. Low Maintenance - strong, lightweight, tight bonding
  6. Excellent for poorly drained roofs - eliminates ponding of long standing rain water
  7. UL Listed - class A fire resistance rating

The Coated Foam Roofing System is Ideal for Use on:
  • Flat/Low slope roofs - rubber, gravel coated, tarred, metal decking
  • Commercial buildings, warehouses, shopping centers, schools, etc.
  • Poorly insulated roofs - results in dramatic increase in energy savings

6-Step System Includes:
  1. All surfaces are pressure washed and chemically cleaned
  2. Integrity of roof is inspected and repaired as needed:
    • Bad, deteriorated sections of roof surface repaired or replaced
    • One of the following types of insulating foam is applied :
      • Sprayed foam - excellent R-value, adds considerable strength without excessive weight
      • Rigid foam board - cost effective, resurfaces roof, insulates, light and durable
    • Roof is resurfaced with tough HiCrown® Hypalon rubber under all air conditioning, heating/cooling units
    • All vents and stacks are flashed and sealed
    • Roofing system is extended in one continuos system up any Parapet walls
    • Roof drainage system is inspected and optimized for maximum flow-off efficiency
  3. Base coat is applied directly to foam covered roof surfaces
  4. Reinforcing spun fabric meshing is applied to freshly applied base coat
  5. Second base coat is applied, sealing fabric between layers of coatings

  6. Top-coat is applied to provide bright white, reflective, dirt resistant finish to surface