Metal Roofing System
    TOP: Finished white roof               BOTTOM: Metal Primer, Sealed seams and screwsToday, many commercial buildings are constructed with metal roofs, simply because it is a very cost effective construction method. At some point, most of these structures begin to age, and the integrity of the roof deteriorates.

    On older metal roofs, and sometimes even on newer ones, leaks can occur along the seams, around skylights, stacks and vent pipes. Fasteners start to rust, corrode, even better roofs with quality screws will leak when the fastener gaskets get old, brittle, and cracked.

    Leaks can be noticeable, or can go unchecked, weakening walls and ceilings, ruining insulation, causing your heating and cooling costs to soar. By the time the leak is noticed inside, damage is most likely already well advanced.

    Patching a roof with some tar, caulk, etc. may buy you a little time, but eventually, the roof will need some real help. A new roof is likely going to be very costly, and also risks exposing your building to weather during the replacement process. Fortunately, there is an alternative to total replacement. Conklin's Metal Roof System protects your investment, and your profitability, by renewing the roof, not just repairing it. The old problems with leaks, rust, corrosion, bad fasteners, and weakened sheet metal are all taken care of with the comprehensive restoration that the new Conklin cool roof surface offers. You actually get a better roof than your original roof, and you save on energy costs with the energy star rated finish. Most importantly, you are substantially extending the life of your roof.

Features: "Your best defense against rust"
      Our metal roofing system penetrates rust, driving out air and moisture, forming a strong protective barrier against the elements. Antioxidants stop rusting, and prevent further spread of rust, blocks rust from re-appearing or bleeding through on surface.
    1. Stops rust before it starts
    2. Prevents existing rust from spreading
    3. Affordable, long-lasting protection

The Metal Ready System is Ideal for Use on:
    • Metal Buildings
    • Barns, Grain Sheds, Silos
    • Corrugated Metal Roofs
    • Tin Sheeting Roofs

4-Step System Includes:
    1. All surfaces are pressure washed and chemically cleaned
    2. Integrity of roof is inspected and repaired as needed:
      • Bad, deteriorated sheeting repaired or replaced
      • Seams sealed
      • All screws and fasteners inspected and tightened or replaced
      • All screw heads sealed
    3. Rust preventative primer coat applied
    4. Reflective Energy Star rated top coating sealant applied