Poured concrete, concrete block, & ceramic block wall sealant
    Block wall finished with Wallup
    Protect your building's foundation against water seepage on exterior applications and prevent surface dampness on interior basement walls with a seamless coating of Wall-Up®. Use this durable sealer on any type of block or poured, high-density masonry wall.

    Ideal for Use on:
  • Brick, block, concrete surfaces

  • Application Procedure:
  • All surfaces are pressure washed.
  • WALLUP® SEALANT applied using high pressure spray system
  • Sealant is back rolled using roller brushes to ensure thorough adhesion and absorption into porous surfaces.
  • In most cases, surfaces are re-sprayed with second coat of WALLUP® SEALANT.

  • Available in Colors:
    • Standard White
    • Custom Tinting